Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

It wasn't a huge Christmas. It wasn't as white as we would have liked. But we were pretty dang happy with the way it turned out! Play-Doh galore because it is a favorite at our house.
Carter thought he was the luckiest kid in the world because he got his very own ds. His sister was happy too because now he can quit begging to play hers and Gage is happy because now Carters vsmile pocket is fair game for him. Perfect all around!

Gage is loving his Hot Wheels race track. His dad had as much fun as he did with it.
This little boy was just so excited that everyone else was excited. This is how he looked all morning and he had no idea why! He got a few presents too, but he could have cared less.
Katlyn got a guitar, which she loves and now can't wait to learn how to play. Her dad has done a few concerts in the last few days singing love songs to me and I love it, but he should definitely not quit his day job! I also made each of the kids a blanket. This is Katlyn's. I was pretty proud of myself because I am not a sewer at all, but with a little help from my mom and Melinda they turned out perfect. Now I have to make one for Mike though because he keeps stealing theirs! I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas! I love the season and am so thankful for the reason that we celebrate it. I love my Savior and so grateful for his life and the amazing blessings that it brings to all of us.

Christmas Eve in Alpine

I love my mom's house during Christmas. We have had the same stockings for as long as I can remember. My mom made them out of Levi's and they have our names on them. We started out with 7 and now we have 32 of them! I couldn't get them all in the picture, but you get the gist of it. Every year growing up on Christmas morning my Granny would make sourdough biscuits for everyone in her family and their kids and their families. We would all open our presents and then head out to her house to eat. I would be willing to bet that every year at least 150 people passed through her house on Christmas day. It was a wonderful tradition that I know none of us will forget. She was such an amazing Granny! Now, my mom makes biscuits and waffles every Christmas morning for her family and we LOVE it too. There is just something about tradition that makes a house a home.
The big storm that brought us about an inch or 2 of snow brought them about 18inches of it. It made for a good day of sledding down the driveway. Here's Carter all bundled up and ready for the freezing temps.
Gage was right there with him red cheeks and all. It's was COLD! On our way home there was a spot where our truck read -14degrees.

And here's Katerbug. She was privileged to be the only girl there that day but she was right there with them.

Family Christmas Party

We had the family Christmas party at our house this year and it was a housefull but I we all had fun together.
Here's the kids table where a lot of giggling was going on. Thanks John & Debbie, it was fun!

Carters Christmas Program

Carters program was amazing this year. He has such a good teacher and is learning so much. He even had a speaking part, which was..."Another thing that we learned is that everyone is unique." He nailed it! They also sang a few songs. His class sang "I'm Something Special" It was perfect and he still sings it for us when we need a smile.
His teacher, her mom and his teacher's aide made each of the students in his class one of these hats. We are so lucky to have people like them teaching our little guy!
I love this picture....... I'm crying right now! He is so grown up and I love him so much. He is our tender hearted sweet little boy, yet he is learning to think for himself and becoming so independent. I know that one day he will do amazing things!

A year in review****

Gavin turned the big 1 this month, and we were so busy that we did not get to have a proper little party until a few days after his birthday but he loved every minute of it. All of the Papa/Curt sides of the family came for a Christmas party and so we celebrated Gavin and Grandpa John's Birthdays. He was such a lucky duck that he got another little party yesterday when Grandma Colleen and Grandpa George came for a visit and brought him his very own cake!
This little boy has been such a blessing in our home for the last year. I have NO idea what we would do without him. He melts every one of our hearts on a daily basis and helps us to remember to enjoy the simple things in life. I actually got a little sad during Christmas this year because it was soooo busy and go go go. I would stop and remember last year and how we were all home together with this brand new little boy. We spent two whole weeks together as a family with no interruptions and it was fabulous! By far the best Christmas that we have ever had. I wish we could rewind back to that time again. I hope that every day throughout his life he knows how much I love him. He is my baby. I love you Gavers!
(I put a TON of pictures on here so if you get Gaverd out I am sorry in advance!!!!!)

It wasn't me mom!

We go through toilet paper like mad in our house and this is the reason why right here! He is always grabbing and running, grabbing and running. The result is this. A huge strand of tp drug all the way through the house. He thinks it's funny. I beg to differ. In this picture it got stuck to the bottom of his foot and he couldn't get it off. He also has a fascination with the toilet and the water inside. We have caught him a few times playin' in the big boys' pee, because for some reason they don't EVER flush! He also thinks this is funny and I again beg to differ. NASTY! When you come to our house, the new rule is SHUT THE BATHROOM DOOR!