Saturday, January 23, 2010

This one's for you Dad!

We were all ready for the snowstorm. We had food, wood, flashlights just in case and good movies to watch. I was a little nervous to brave it on my own with the kids but we had fun. I forget that Snowflake is NEVER like where I grew up when it snows, and RV is not that far away! We just don't get near enough here! I LOVE the snow! Plus, we seriously need the moisture. We got a snow day on Friday and we didn't waste any time getting outside to make a snowman. Gavin was really into being out there I promise. He just kept getting mad because he couldn't go more than a few steps without face planting!
Right here he's saying, "Mom stop taking a stinkin' picture and come get me." There was a piercing scream that went along with it.
Snowball competition....... I don't like to be the judge so who do you think won?

And here's the fabulous snowman. Nothing fancy. Nothing humongous. Not the most handsome but we were pretty proud of ourselves. We had a good day. We miss you Mike! It just isn't the same without you here. WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!

1 MoRe ToOtH & iT sTiNkS!!!

It's rough being a 13 month old an getting a new tooth. I have had a fever for 3 days. I'm REALLY whinny & I'm pretty sure I'm about to send my mommy over the edge! I don't like to sleep & so I am so tired that I cry big alligator tears like this..... Teeth Stink!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So sad......

Gage went to stay with his Grandma & Grandpa for a few days all by himself. When Gage left, Carter got a little teary eyed but said that nothing was wrong. (I think he was trying to be tough because there were so many people around.) He let it all go when we got into the car though. "I'm going to miss Gage. Who am I going to play with?" Talk about melting my heart! This was Sunday. Monday, Carter was cleaning up his room and he came and asked how to spell "miss, only not the m." I told him and didn't think too much more about it until I went in their room later and I found this taped to their bunkbeds....... And there went my heart again! Poor thing doesn't like not having his ornery little brother here. When we tucked him in bed last night he told us he was going to be scared sleeping in the room without Gage....... I knew there was a reason we had them so close together. I hope they stay best friends forever!
This is what happened when we used the ready made hamburger patties from wal-mart. Dang near burnt the house down & Mike has one less eye brow! Greasy things!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Little Gage Boy!

Sometimes being a kid gets a little sticky! I love this picture!