Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WOW! It's been a long time!

All I can say is that our life has been super crazy for the last few months. I kind of felt like we were spinning out of control there for a while, but we are back to our comfortable, normal again.

The three older kids have been playing soccer the last few months and have all loved it. It's fun to watch them play but busy, busy getting everyone to practice and games.

I coached Gage's team this year and that was fun for me to get to spend that time with him. Sometimes I know he feels like he gets lost in the shuffle. Mike jokes and says he has too much testosterone running through his body. I have to agree sometimes. He's all boy! No kisses, hugs, loves...... nothing! Every once in a while he will surprise me and give me a super good bear hug and I cherish those because they do not come often. He is his daddy's clone.

Carter had a lot of fun playing this year. He is not our most aggressive child, but he gets out there and does his best! He's growing into an amazing boy. Smart as a whip and kind as ever! (Most of the time! Sometimes, "Gage makes him be mean!")

Gavin is doing amazing. He just potty trained himself last week. I LOVE IT! He talking up a storm and right now his favorites are, "But why mom why?" and "k mom k?" All day long:) I can't believe he is already almost two. It has gone by entirely too fast for this mother!

Katlyn did great at soccer this year. She had a fun team with a few friends and her cousin to play with. She says she wants to play volleyball when she gets older but soccer may win out in the end. She is an aggressive little thing. I think she might get a little of that from me....... She is much sweeter than I ever was though. I LOVE this girl to pieces and am having a hard time with the fact that she is becoming a young lady!

So, I have made myself feel too busy to sit down for a few minutes and put my thoughts down for my children to read later and that makes me a little ashamed of myself. I loved President Uchdorf's talk in conference and have thought a lot about how I spend my time in life. Do I put my Heavenly Father first? Not always. Do I put my husband and children after that? Not always. Am I spending my time doing too many of the things that really don't matter? I'm afraid so.
It is hard to balance things in the world that we live in, but I know that I can do better. I want my family to know that I love my Father in Heaven. I want them to know that as long as they follow Him they will be just fine. I want them to KNOW that. I want them to feel love the most when they are at home. Home is where they should want to be. Where they will feel safe and comfortable. Where they can be themselves. I want my husband to feel like I have time for him, and just him. I don't want him to fee like he has to compete for a time slot. Lately, I'm sure that's how he has felt.
So, we are done with overscheduling. Done with always having somewhere to go and something to do. It's time for our family to be at home together, and for that to be important again. Now, I will have something to blog about again.......:)