Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I got tagged by Mandee, so here it goes!
How to play the game.... Post these rules on your blog, list 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, & 3 random facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post!

3 Joys... My family(most of the time!), A good book, A long bath.
3 Fears... Losing Mike or one of my kids, Being alone at night, What's swimming around in the
lake or the ocean! SO SCARY!
3 Goals... Finish school, Paint and decorate my bedroom this summer, potty train my so not
interested 3 year old!
3 Current Obsessions... President Benson(I am reading his biography. Amazing! Mike knows all
about him too, because I give him an update every night when we go to bed!), the O.C. I
know this is pathetic,but I never watched them and I happened upon re-runs one day and I am HOOKED!, flowers(I love planting them & watching them grow!)
3 Random facts... I have been legally blind since the age of 18 thanks to my mother's genetics!, I
once ate a raw oyster for $20, and it was not worth $100!, I graduated high school, got married
and had a baby all in less than 1 month!
I tag anyone who loves a good tag!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random Catch up......

We are finally catching up a little. I have been slacking. I would like for my posts to be pretty regular, and so that my kids can see how each week of the year went, but the last few have been abnormal to say the least! So, I am putting just a few random pics of the last few weeks. Nothing special, but ones that should bring back good memories for us all someday! We have finally been blessed with some good weather. Saturday was such a beautiful day. Mike had to get up at 6 to go to traffic survival school, (a little bit of a sore subject) and he came and woke me up and said that I had to go out because it was so nice. So, while he spent 8 hours with your average DUI's, hit and runs, and teenage speeders, (Mike was there for speeding. Just thought I'd put that in there so nobody gets the wrong idea!) we spent the whole day outside. I only got a picture of Gage in the sprinkler. He loved it, and has gone outside every day since fully clothed to run through them when they come on.
When he got home we spent a little time on the bikes and shooting hoops. Mike didn't play in school. He wrestled, but he can still kick my butt in a game. Katlyn is getting pretty good too. She and Mike spend a lot of time outside shooting together. It always reminds me of when I was about her age and my dad would take me down to the church and put me on the red line and teach me the finer points of shooting. I cherish those days. I hope that she will too!
Here is where the wrestling background comes into play. This is a daily ritual at our house. I love the fact that they are having fun, but hate the screaming, and the fear that my boys will decide that they want to wrestle too! Watching Mike was so much fun. I never knew wrestling could be so exciting, (the singlet wasn't so bad either) but I don't think it will be the same watching my boys bodies contort into totally abnormal positions, but talk about dedication. Anyone that wrestles has to love it, because there is nothing fun about the practices, and the starving!
This was Katerbug's track and field day at school. It was so HOT! The poor kids were dying, but they had a lot of fun things to do. This picture is Katlyn and a friend from her class. I can't believe that she is going into the third grade! We are so proud of her. She does so well and tries so hard. I hope that she always stays that way!
Mike told her to slide on her belly, but this was good too! I want to get a tarp for our backyard!

I also have to wish my mom and my sister Misty a Happy Birthday! Misty's was on Sat. and Mom's is today. Mom is in Africa hunting with dad, but I want her to know how much I love her and hope that she had a good day today! And Misty sweet Misty. I love her so much! I called her on her birthday at 8 in the morning and she was at the gym! DEDICATION!!!!! You are amazing and I love ya!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cookies & Walks to the Temple

Today, Carter & I decided to make some cookies while Gage was taking a nap. We mixed it all up and I turned the oven on. After we had the cookies ready to put into the oven I opened it up to shove them in and this is what I found melted to the rack in the oven! It used to be part of a workbench that the boys have upstairs. Gage has been calling it a pizza lately, and so I am assuming that he was the culprit. Little Tird!!!! Besides a stinky house for a few minutes everything turned out well.
When I left the kitchen to get something upstairs, this is what I came back to. Carter was stealing all the cookie dough. He loves the stuff! Chocolate Chip cookies are one of the sweet things that he will eat, and vanilla ice cream. (only vanilla)
We enjoyed the cookies. When I say we I mean mostly me. (And I wonder why my walking every day does not good.) When Katlyn came home from school we decided to take a walk to the temple to see the waterfalls. Gage and I walk by them every day and he wanted the others to see them too. Of course the wind was blowing. What would Snowflake be without the wind? It was pretty fun though. I feel guilty that we live within walking distance and I don't take them there as often as I should.
I was somewhat quietly telling them not to run and not to climb on the rocks the whole time, but it was fun.
I told them that they had to fold their arms while we were by the doors, and so this is Carter folding his arms while he's running up and down the stairs. Almost reverent counts doesn't it? I am so grateful that we live so close to the temple, but I am the first to say that I still don't go enough. I just hope that being there gives my kids the kind of peace that it gives me. I pray that they will all three live their lives in a way that will enable them to be inside someday. I always get so frustrated with myself, because it's days like these that make me feel so good about being a mom, but I just don't do things like this enough. Hopefully I will do better!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rocky Point

We got to go to Rocky Point this weekend, and it was a blast. Laura and Micah invited us to go with some people from their ward.
This is at "Chicken Hut", which was delicious! We have heard a lot about it, and it lived up to the praise!
What would Chicken Hut be without ice cream from Thrifty for dessert? I loved Charly's braids. (Katlyn found a lot of new girls to hang out with, and so she is absent these pics because they were way cooler than we were.)
Carter saw this guy selling kites made of styrofoam, and he begged for one until I bought it. He had a blast with it for a whole ten minutes before it fell apart! Good Times!
The kids all three had a blast. Katlyn and Carter were all about playing in the water, and Gage was more for the digging in the sand and playing with his tractors and monster trucks!
One of the people that we went with found an octopus. Carter wanted nothing to do with it, but Katlyn loved it, and spent a lot of her time looking for other things.
Here is our humble little tent that we stayed in. It was actually perfect weather, and so not at all miserable. It was a blast for the kids.
Mike even found a Nacho Libre mask. Bring it on Sancho!!!!
This is Mike and some of the group on the "banana boat." I was o.k. with him going alone. That is not my thing.
We ended the trip downtown at the fish market. We even saw a few dolphins! We had a blast. Thanks Laura and Micah for inviting us.