Thursday, December 8, 2011

Halloween! A little late and a little lame:/

 This year for Halloween I made the boys pick from costumes we already had at home.  I'm not a super big fan of spending lots of money on something they will wear for just a few hours and probably stain.  This was Gavins choice of wardrobe for the Fall Carnival.  Such a cute Buzz Lightyear!  In this picture he was telling Carter to push the button to see if it made him fly.  The night of the ward party he decided he would rather be a lady bug.  So, I let him.  I know some may say that's a horrible thing to let your boy wear a ladybug costume, but this kid rocked it.  We just won't leave any photographic evidence of it for later.
 My pictures are very LAME!!!!!  I didn't have time to take more than these at the Fall Carnival and forgot to take any pictures at the trunk or treat.  So, lame as they are.  Here they are!
Aren't these boys fantastic looking?  Put a shaved ice in front of them and they are happy campers.  Gavin didn't even care about playing any of the games!  Junk food is the way to this boys heart!