Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This is pretty much how Gage looks and acts lately. Like a grouch!!!! He's always mad at someone for something and always beating on his brothers and sister. He's just going through a stage I guess but sometimes I kinda want to give him away! Good thing he's so cute!


Today was track and field day. Katlyn ran as fast as fast can be. She did awesome! This picture is her and Treg. They are almost exactly 1 month apart. Katerbug is a little on the small side. I couldn't get Treg to put his arm around her. They are getting to that age!!!!
Here's the speed racer.
Katlyn also got to participate in the 3rd grade math bee and took 8th place. We were pretty dang proud of her. The kids were all so cute yelling out the answers. It was really fun to watch. Mike and I got a kick out of it. So she got to do the poetry contest, spelling bee and math bee. It was a pretty great year for her. 4th grade here she comes!

Kindergarten Mother's Day Hawaiian Luau

They sang and danced......
and even did the limbo......
It was so cute and so much fun. Carter and I got to go together. Just me and him. He was so excited and sang so good! He gave me a sweet little book that he made for Mother's Day along with a yummy piece of cake! Carter, I love you more than you will ever know!

5 MoNtH's

Gavin is now 5 months old, and he's as cute as ever! I know I'm his mom but REALLY be honest he is right!?
*Gavin has lost most of his hair. We aren't sure if it is because it's all fallen out or if it's because his head has gotten so big!
*He can roll over from back to belly and sometimes from belly to back.
*He LoVeS is bouncer.
*He loves his rice cereal. We are going to try real baby food tonight.
*He grabs everything in sight and puts it right in his mouth.
*He smiles for EVERYONE all the time.
*He has started spitting. Not sure why but it's cute.
*He likes to munch on his toes!
He honestly brightens everyone in our family's day, every day!!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm still here........somewhat!!!!!

I have totally slacked off in my blogging the last few weeks! I have a lot to blog about too. Katlyn's math bee. Carters luau. Gavin. Gage. A lot. But right now I barely have the time and energy to sit down and type this. Mike has been working an overhaul for the past 5 6 7 weeks. I don't even know anymore. I lost track! (It feels like it's been 5 mos.!) He leaves at 4a.m and gets home anywhere between 7:30 and sometimes after 9. He also works weekends. He gets a day off every 14 days. It STINKS!!!!!!! I give huge props to all of the single moms out there because it's not easy. Just the security of having him here every night in case I needed him was such a luxury!!!! I can't complain a whole bunch because he has a great job and the overtime is wonderful! I just want my husband back!!!!! Stay tuned and I will do a large post.