Monday, July 20, 2009

Lots & Lots of Blogging so bear with me*****

Yuck I know! Carter got his finger smashed with a rock and it's not looking so hot. We are patiently waiting for the nail to fall off but it looks yucky!
We put grass in our backyard finally! It has been so much fun for all of us. We should have done it sooner, and would have if money grew on trees! Oh how I wish it did don't you?!
Family dinner outside is pretty common in our house these days. The weather at night has been beautiful. I love this time of year when you can sit out on the porch at night and just relax and visit or read a book.
Oh, and we celebrated Mike's 27th Birthday on Saturday. We had a parade and fireworks and everything. Pretty impressive hu!! He feels like he's old, but he's just getting started. The kids sang to him on the way to the parade and Amy made him carmels. He and I went for a blizzard that night and I ate the whole thing! Go figure! He also got lots of phone calls from his family. Thanks guys! Happy Birthday sweets! I love you!
Mike will also be starting an electrical apprenticeship next week. I'm so proud of him and the hard worker that he is that enabled him to get this new job. There's lots of work and classes involved and we are taking quite the pay cut at first but in the end it will all be worth it and he will be doing a job that he enjoys! Congratulations babe. We are all excited for ya!

Goings on....

Misty & Ryan had boy #4 on Tuesday and so Brandy, Valon, Gage, Gavin and I went to see the new guy. He was so small and cute! Gage was so excited to get to hold him. His name is Holston Scot Conrad. He makes #20 for Nana & Papa.
Gavin had some chocolate ice cream while we were there & he devoured it! Look at those blue eyes! I finally got a baby with Mike's eyes!
This was a fun picture. After the fireworks everyone crashed! Except Carter! Love pictures like this!
Gavin was totally into whatever Carter was playing on the DS. They are both growing up way too fast!

Brittany and her kids got to come over and eat dinner with us while they were here for the celebration. I am always so excited when she comes for a visit. She is by far the truest, sweetest friend anyone could ever have! I wish everyone could have a Brittany in their life. Amy and her family came too and Brandy and her kids were here visiting so we had a full house, but it was fun.
I totally messed these reunion posts up but I am way too lazy to start all over so it's all jumbled but you get the general idea! Sorry! Priceless!
Again, Priceless.
Have you seen anything cuter? I think not!
Gavin's first taste of ice cream! Couldn't get enough of it!
After the spoils of the pinata were collected!
Here's all the kiddos & Grandma & Grandpa. Katlyn is the oldest at 9 and there are 16 & 2 more on the way! We grew fast!

Gage getting thrown off the slide by dad.
He just floated around like this all day long. So stinkin' cute.

Mike, always the one to be able to do everything!!!!! He and Josh also jumped off the pool house. Crazy kids!

Papa-Curt Family Reunion...

We had a blast at the reunion this year! John & Debbie rented a fabulous abode in Scottsdale and Josh & Vanessa planned. We all congregated for a weekend for swimming, games, eating and relaxing. This year everyone got to come. It was perfect! It was so hot that weekend but we didn't even notice becasue we never went anywhere. The pool & theatre were the big hits. Thanks!!!!! Carter figured out that he could dive with floaties and got pretty good at it.
Grandpa showing off his muscles! I had to do a lot of convincing to get him to let me take a pic.
Gavin LOVED the water. He just chilled. Except for the one time he almost fell out of the tube but dad was right there to catch him.
The kids loved the slide. Katlyn was so brave and found a million ways to go down it. Some of them I would never be CRAZY enough to try. She and Mike also had a lot of fun diving for torpedoes.
Love this picture. He looks like a little frog don't you think?

He had no idea what he was in for.....

Gavin has already had his first trip to the dentist. I know. I know. I can't believe it either. 7 months and already going! Well, he had been really fussy because he was getting teeth and one only had one side of the tooth coming in. A few days later the other side started to poke thru but then I noticed one side of it was red, so I pushed on it with my finger and IT BROKE OFF!!!!! Yep, you heard me right! Blood all over, he's screamin', I'm about to cry and it looks horrible. We got into the dentist the next day, and this is what he looked like before Dr. Goodman came in. So cute! A few seconds after this I was holding his arms and legs, the assistant was holding his head, a little contraption was holding his mouth open and Dr. Goodman was cleaning the tooth. It was clear to the nerve so he had to cover it to prevent infection. He did an amazing job and was so gentle, but by the time he was done Gavers and I were both sweaty and emotional. Hopefully that will take care of it, and thank goodness it is just a baby tooth, but he wins the award for the youngest baby our dentist has ever worked on!