Sunday, April 1, 2012


Today I am enjoying listening to General Conference.  I absolutely love hearing the guidance that our church leaders give to us!  It continually gives me a million things to think about and work on in the next six months until we are blessed to do it all again. 
As I was sitting at the computer watching, Gavin came into the room and said, "Mom can you help me say a prayer that I can find my parts to my train?"  It took my breath away for just a moment.  My sweet example!  He is only three and already knows exactly what to do when he needs any kind of help in his life.  Pray.  I love this sweet example of mine:)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

One Proud Mama.....

Carter made me one proud mama last night!  It made me feel like maybe Mike and I are doing at least some things right! Hooray!
So, here's how it went......
Mike is in the Young Men's Presidency and all those  lucky boys get to go to a hockey game in the valley on Saturday.  Mike was able to get an extra ticket and wanted to take Carter for a little one on one time.  He didn't know that Carter's piano recital was on the same day:(  Bummer!  I told Mike to ask him anyway.  They don't get to spend enough time together so I was totally willing to let the piano recital take the back burner.  Probably a bad mom move, but oh well!  Mike made it pretty important and official and took Carter all by himself to talk.  He told him that he knew his piano recital was Saturday but if he wanted to go to the hockey game, he could miss it.  Mike said that immediately Carter told him that he would "really like to go to the hockey game, because it would be so fun, but I promised my piano teacher I would be there and I can't break my promise."  (insert Mike hiding his tears here!)  Oh my word I love this boy!  It's fabulous to see the young little man he's growing into!  He did get a little sad when Mike asked him if he would be alright if Gage went instead, but it was just for a second because Mike promised they would do an all Carter all day day next week!