Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why can't every day be like this?

I was watching the Olympics the other night and looked over to ask Mike if he had seen what had just happened and this is what I got! I love this picture! It makes my heart melt to see my little boy snuggled up to his dad. Carter started Kindergarten, and I was really a basket case most of the summer worrying about it. He has been in preschool for two years, but Kindergarten is way different. He is so young, and not quite ready I know, but he is loving it! I am not sure how well he will do "School" wise, but I'm so glad he is liking it. This little boy has come such a long way, and still has a long way to go, but he is the most loving, sweet boy and I just hope and pray that he always stays that way!

Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day Of School!

I love and hate the first day of school. I am so tired of cleaning my house five times a day I could scream, and if I have to hear "mom there's nothing to do here" one more time I am going to go looney! I love having a schedule every day, and I love the time that it's quiet at my house, even if it's just for a few hours.
I hate sending another one of my kids to kindergarten. It makes me so sad that they are getting so big. Carter was so excited to go today. I hate seeing Katlyn go to a 3rd grade class this year, because that just means that time is going by faster than I'm o.k. with. I hate hoping that they will be o.k. and wondering if they will miss me, which they don't, but it makes me feel better to think that they do.
Katlyn and Carter both got awesome teachers, and are both going to have a great year. Katlyn was a lot less nervous this year than she usually is and so that made me really happy. Their classrooms are right next to eachother, which they both think is pretty cool. Carter did not officially go by himself today, but he loved being in class with all the kids, and even has a friend from his preschool class in there with him, and a lot of kids from our ward. Katlyn also got lucky and got a lot of her girlfriends in her class. School gives me mixed emotions, because I love sending them, but a part of me wants to just keep them home and make them be little forever. I just need to cherish the time that we have I know, but they grow so fast. Gage and I are going to have some good one on one time together, although he keeps asking when he gets to go to his school and take his backpack that Grandma bought him. It will come sooner than I want it to!!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Las Vegas

On Wednesday we left for Vegas with our friends Danny and Mandee to take a little break! Not much sleep, but it was a lot of fun. We spent a lot of time just lounging at the pool because walking in the 110 degree heat during the day was not that fun, but we saw plenty at night too. (The pool was pretty cool, but I won't post any of those pics because lets just be honest who wants to see me in a swimsuit 5 mos. prego? That's the great thing about Vegas though. Nobody there cares, so I enjoyed it!)
This is Danny and Mandee outside the Bellgio watching the fountain show. Thanks for coming with us guys. Hope it was well worth the 8 hour drive for ya! We decided that Danny looks like Jessie James in the had that he's wearing. What do you think?
We were able to go to "The Phantom" which was amazing. Mike and I saw it last year, but it was just as good to see again. Everyone should go to it! Amazing. Even if you are not a musical person you will love it!
After the show we decided to go and get the purse that Mandee had seen earlier and loved. Her birthday was the next day and Danny wanted to get it for her. Mandee and I both thought that we had seen it in the Forum Shops, and Mike thought that it was at he Eifel Tower shops. After looking all over the Forum Shops and not finding it, we decided to see if Mike might be right. The thing was that it was 10:45 and the shops close at 11. So, we raced to the shop which was not very close and poor Mandee had heels on! We got there right at 11 and this is a pic of her checking out the battle scars she now has on her feet! (Mike did a great job of rubbing it in that he remembered where the purse was!)
Tada! And the beautiful purse. What a nice husband! Happy Birthday Mandee!
We were all hot and thirsty after our little adventure, and so we sad down for a while. Mike and Danny decided to get some Krispy Kremes and this pic is of Mike stuffing two of them in his mouth at once. Nasty!
These are some of the goofy pictures that I got. Mike and Danny got a little more outgoing in about two seconds when we saw these girls and asked if they could have their picture with them! Anyone who knows Mike and Danny know that that is not something that happens very often!!!
I just love the big cheesy grin on Mike's face in this one! And it only got better as the night went on!
They are probably both going to kill me for posting all of these pictures, but nobody gets to see this side of these guys very often.
At the wax museum this was Mike's funniest pose, and the one that had the girl with the most clothes on! Mike does not like Oprah in the least bit.
Perfect example here! Jessica Simpson was right in the door as we walked in, and he just couldn't resist! Neither could the old man behind him that looked about 70! Men!