Sunday, September 28, 2008

Soccer Season has begun.....

This weekend was our second set of soccer games with Katlyn and Carter. I got ropped into coaching Katlyn's team, and for those of you that know me know that I came nowhere near a soccer field when I was young! I think I might have played once when I was 6. Mike was strictly wrestling and football, and so he's no help. Plus he is not vocal at all and so he supports me from a chair! I got really lucky though and got a lot of good little players on my team! They pretty much know what to do and I just cheer them on. Katlyn is good at getting right in there with the boys! She's a pretty good little athlete. She was brave and wanted to be the goalie in this game.
This is Carter, Brady-boo & Gage warming up before the game. We are still working on him kicking the ball the right way and paying a little more attention to where the ball is, instead of waving and playing around!
His little team is so cute. He has patient coaches, the Shelly's who are so sweet and just cheer them all on. Wrestling is most likely in is future. Soccer, maybe not so much.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Little Update....

I have not blogged at all about the large upcoming event in our family, and so I thought that I would put a little tid bit on here about it.
We are expecting our 4th little "ray of sunshine" at the end of the year. (At least I hope it comes before the end of the year.) Around March, Mike and I really both felt that we were done having babies. I have to admit that I had a few reservations with only having 3, but it's still a good number right? Then, just a few weeks later along came our little surprise! I was a little less than thrilled. Pretty depressed actually. I thought how can I do this again? Gage is 3 and now I have to start all over! I was a little grouchy with Mike, and that was mean I know, but isn't he the reason that this all happened in the first place? He even had to kick me out of the house one night until I stopped acting like a "crazy lady!" (his words) Such a sweet heart! I know all the rest of you are probably such sweet things when you're pregenant, but me, not so much!
Since then I have had a complete change of attitude. I know that there is a reason for this little spirit to come into our home. Our kids are so excited! Gage rubs my tummy a lot, and thinks the baby is going to come out of my belly button, and Carter says "mom your tummy is getting bigger and bigger!" He wants another brother. Katlyn won't be happy if it's not a girl, but I'm sure she will get over it. Which leads me to the next subject, we will not be finding out the sex of the baby. My sister in law Laura and my friend Rachel just did the same and said it was amazing to have that surprise, and so we are going to copy them.
I am a little scared about this crazy world that we live in today, and what all of my children will have to endure, and so I was telling my dad this on the phone yesterday, and he said "Leslie, this little spirit is so excited to come to this world and to your family, and knows exactly what it is coming to. It knows exactly what it is going to face on this earth, and still wants to come. And there is a reason why this spirit is coming into the world right now." That just put it all into perspective. Mike and I are both extremely excited, and although I am o.k. with the next few months going by a little slower I cannot wait to meet our new little baby boy or girl.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What is more relaxing than Lake Powell?

Katlyn and I were able to go to Lake Powell with my friend Rachel and her family this past week. This is the spot where we parked and spent the week. Absolutely beautiful.
Rachel has 2 girls about the same age as Katlyn that went too, and they found a treasure map out on an island one day!
They followed all the clues and it led them to these awesome treasure boxes with all kinds of pretty jewels, necklaces and seashells in them! They loved it! (Thanks Keith and Charayye!)

This is the only picture you are going to see of me! I did put a swimsuit on, but belive me you don't want to see! They always have a BINGO night at the lake, and everybody brings prizes. It is so much fun! We both had a blast swimming, sitting in the sun, relaxing, reading (I read Breaking Dawn while we were there) riding the jet skis, watching movies, eating a lot, and being with awesome company. Thanks to Rachels family for letting us join them!
The boys stayed home, and Mike was able to work it out that he only had to work two of the days that we were gone. They surprised me by being alive when we got home, and the house was still standing! The laundry was even done! How many women can say that they can leave for a week and come home to a clean house, and not have a complaining husband? I'm glad I got a good one! Now it's my turn! Mike left as soon as we got home to do some training in the valley, so it's just me and the kids for the next 4 days! Paybacks I guess!
Jumping off the top of the houseboat on the first day! It took her three days last year!
These 3 girls had a blast playing in the water and the sand.
Keith pulling the girls with the jet ski. Katlyn even fell off a few times. They were so brave!
Making seashell wreath onraments. Rachel's mom was so sweet and had a craft for the girls to do every day.
She even got to drive the boat!

Family Night

Mike decided that we should play soccer on the golf coarse for family night last week, and I think he had more fun than the kids did. When we were all worn out we went to the pond to see what we could find.
Carter tried to find some frogs, but he didn't have very good luck. I thought that we should have at least a little learning time also, and so we decided to make Carter's homework our family night.
He had to put a picture of himself on a paper and then tell some things about himself. He put that he loves "white" ice cream, transformers, riding his bike, and he loves kindergarten.
Katlyn put that she likes to sing and dance, cause TROUBLE, and ride her bike. I'm not sure if that cause trouble is a glimpse into the future or just a joke for her dad!
Gage put that he loves "pink" ice cream, mowing the lawn with his dad, riding his bike and SUGAR!!!!! It was a lot of fun! I know we have totally corny family nights, but you do what you can right?

Cheetah Girls!

Katlyn was able to invite a few friends over to watch the new Cheetah Girls movie! They were all so excited, and so we had some dinner while the girls waited for it to start, and then they watched and laughed and danced the movie away!!!!
After, they raided Katlyn's closet and dressed up. They went outside to play Cheetah Girls and had a blast. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of them.
They even made up a secret handshake before the night was over. I'm so glad that Katlyn has good friends. It's a lot of fun to have them over.