Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gavers (aka Boogaboo)....

He loves to give slobbery kisses. Love Love this little guy. He's such a good boy and so much fun!
Gavin's first try at eating rice cereal was a success. He loves it and gets a little upset when the spoon doesn't come fast enough. We had a lot of fun and everyone got a turn to feed him. What a cutie!

1st Swim at Grandma & Grandpa's....

The kids and I went to Grandma & Grandpa Papa's house for a few days this weekend to swim and just play! The water was still a little cold, but that didn't stop Katlyn, she had a blast! Grandpa & Grandma even got in. I braved it for about 5 min.
This is what Gage spent his time doing. He just threw things in the pool and pushed the rafts around. He brought his new scooter to ride around.

Carter didn't get in the water too much. He said it was too cold! Gavin got his legs wet officially making it his first swim ever! He loved it. We had Ashley and Grady over to play with us. The baby's loved it. We had a fun time playing with the toys and the wii. Laura and the kids even came over to see us, and Gian & Brendon spent the night. Thanks for putting up with all of us Grandma & Grandpa. We can't wait to come back when the water is a little warmer and we can bring our dad too!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

*Gage is 4*

Today was Gage's 4th Birthday. He has been so excited for the past few weeks! He knew exactly what he wanted and would tell me every day. We started off the morning with green mickey mouse pancakes. Then we picked Jacob up and headed to McDonald's for lunch followed by a visit to the park and Dollar Tree. Then we came home to get ready for the party!
Gage wanted a Bolt Birthday but I just haven't had time to get back over to Show Low so we improvised. Black, yellow and red were our colors and Katlyn and Carter made a Bolt sign to hang up. We had pizza and soda for dinner and then had to wait patiently for Dad to get home from work so we could blow out the candles, eat cake and ice cream and don't forget the presents.
The big reveal! This picture is of him opening his scooter. I think he liked it don't you! He was so cute. He told us this was the best Birthday ever.
We are singing to him in this picture and I love the look on his face. He loves it!!!!! He didn't even eat cake and ice cream. He said he just wanted to play with his gifts.
We all love Gage so much and here are a few reasons why.....
*He is ALWAYS talking! Big Story Teller.
*He loves his baby brother and always wants to play with him.
*He can't go to bed at night without Carter in his bed too. They sit and talk forever before they fall asleep.
*He will go anywhere with Katlyn. She doesn't like to go out in the garage, and hates going anywhere in the house after dark and he will go with her no matter what.
*He's always ready to go for a ride with dad. He drove all the way to Wilcox and back one day with his Dad and Papa and loved every minute of it.
*He makes us laugh! His latest giggle maker. He informed us that he changed his name to Rex. He had a sub in primary on Sunday and he came home with a color page with the name Rex at the top.
*When I tell him to be patient he says, "mom I hate being impatient."
*He is very forgiving.
*He always asks if he can be helpful.
*He has named all our cars. The truck is Smokey. The car is Peanut Butter. (You have to hear him say that one it's so cute!) The Taho is Grey Grey. Such an imagination!
*He throws some good fits. Usually we can look back on them and laugh.
*I LOVE that he is so open and loud and fun at home, but if a stranger looks at him or talks to him he shys away like crazy. It's kinda sweet.
*His voice.
*His big brown eyes.
*His laugh.
We LOVE you Gage. And don't ever forget it! ~Happy Birthday~

Monday, April 20, 2009

1 more boy....

Brandy had 1 more boy on Sunday morning. She's so outnumbered now, but don't they look sweet?
This is Cole James Tidwell. Tons of hair and looks just like his dad. I had already forgotten how tiny they are. Precious.
Cole makes number 19 for Nana & Papa, and Misty's little boy will make it an even 2o in July. That will make 14 boys and only 6 girls! Who would have thought that Papa who had 5 sisters with no luck of a brother, & 5 girls with no luck of a boy would get 14 Grandsons! Pretty sweet! Katlyn told Nana that she doesn't think there's any way we will fit everyone's stockings on the railing this year. We shall see. 32 stockings is a little more than a few, but big numbers are more fun!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I do my little turn on the catwalk......

Katlyn had a Mother-Daughter Modest Fashion Show for Achievement Days last night and these are a few pictures I snapped of her. The decorations were great. Her leaders are amazing! They also had older girls wear prom dresses to show that you can still be modest and look beautiful for occasions like that. I was wrangling Gavin so the pictures aren't great, but she looked fabulous and beautiful! This first picture was of her favorite modest outfit that she has. Super Cute!
This gorgeous get-up was the wacky outfit we put together. She is doing the disco dance as she walks down the runway here! She did so great! I was so proud of her! When asked what modesty means to her Katlyn said "When you are dressed immodest around people it makes them feel uncomfortable, and so you should not dress that way!" I agree! I remember getting so excited about activities like this when I was her age and it was so fun to get her all dressed up and do her hair and make-up. She looked beautiful! I am so proud of her courage and determination to dress modest and do the things that are right, even when it's not the most popular thing to do. How did I get such a diamond? I have not idea, but I am glad she's here with me. Love ya Katerbug!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A little Inappropriate but I don't care who you are, it's funny!

So, Mike and I were paying our bills on the computer when Gage comes up behind us with his hand down his pants and says........

"Dad, I think there's a bean right here by my weiner. Just a little bean. Oh, look there's another one right here."

Seriously, it was funny!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This adorable little guy is 16 weeks old now. I can't believe it! He's so big & such a good boy!
He's not a big fan of tummy time, but we make him do it anyway. He lasts about 2 minutes and then he's screamin' for someone to come and rescue him.
Things Gavin is doing at 16 weeks.....
*Smiling, Smiling, Smiling
*Loves to suck on his fingers!
*Rolls onto his back from his tummy
*Loves to buck out of his bouncy chair
*Finally takes a 2 hour nap during the day
*Sleeps for at least 5 hours at a time at night (his mom loves this one!)
*Can balance big and tall with dad holding onto his feet
*Is ready for size 2 diapers. The last few blowouts have not been fun.
*Loves bathtime
*talks and talks
Seriously, I can't get enough of this little man. I am having a hard time with how fast time is going by, but I'm doing my best to take it all in and I'm loving every minute of it!