Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm still here. I promise!!!!!!

I know I know every time it feels I say that! We are really still here though. We have had some major problems with computers AND cameras in the last few months but now they all seem to be resolved and so I have a TON of catching up to do for my blog. One day, I hope my kids will love me for this! We have had a few birthdays and Christmas and a small trip to document. I have lots of pics but I'm lame and I'm not sure how to upload them on this new computer so I have to wait for Mike to get home. I will get it done tonight though! Life is very good for all of us. The kids seem to be growing by leaps and bounds and I love and hate it at the same time. We are happy (almost all the time;)) and we are excited for the spring and summer months! Mike is working hard as usual. He is 2 years into his apprenticeship and doing amazing! We are so proud of him! It seems sometimes that all he does is work and that is not much fun for him I know, but he does it without complaining. What a guy! I'm looking forward to the time when he can come home at a decent hour! I am doing the usual too. Being the chauffeur. Cooking the meals. Cleaning the house. Cleaning up the messes. That sounds so horrible! And some days it really is, but most days I don't mind at all. I always get good breaks going to volleyball and having a few fun nights here and there with friends. Mike practically shoves me out the door and says it makes me so much nicer when I go so I shouldn't feel guilty right? Tots is doing amazing at school! She has been on the superintendents list every quarter this year and has not missed a day of school all year! She just got done playing basketball and did FABULOUS, even making a game winning shot! She's growing into a beautiful young lady and that sure makes her dad nervous, but he hides it well! We are completely proud of this girl! Carter is also doing SO good in school! He is a smart little cookie, and shows it in all his work! He is going to play baseball this year and can't wait to get started. Carter still loves playing with his Lego's and makes some pretty amazing things! (I have a few pictures I will share!) Gage is chomping at the bit to go to kindergarten. He can't hardly wait for August to come. He lost his first tooth and now feels like he's a big guy like Carter. He is going to play t-ball this year and is so excited about that. Gavers is growing like crazy! He is now the big 2 and thinks he rules this roost! He really and truly thinks he's 5 already. Just ask him. He LOVES to ride his bike and play with his cars. He is our comedian and we love that. He makes each of us smile each and every day. He was meant for us! So, that's just a bit of our goings on. The rest will come tonight!