Monday, November 14, 2011

General Conference October 2011

 Mike and I have decided to make General Conference a tradition for our kids when they turn *8* years old.  Katlyn was a little late getting there but Carter was right on time!  We packed up Peanut Butter and one extra cute young gal, (Melany) and off we went! 
We had to stop in Kanab and take a picture with the fake police officer.  This guy has been here for a super long time.  The neighbor across the street was getting quite a kick out of these two.
 We made a little stop at Zion National Park and stretched our legs a little.  I wish we had had more time to be there.  It is an absolutely beautiful place! 

 Carter was loving this area.  We just sat and enjoyed the water for a while.
 Katlyn and Melany were so jealous of this guy.  They sat forever waiting for a squirrel to get brave enough to sit on THEIR lap.  It never quite happened dangit!

 What would a trip near water be without Mike trying to throw everyone in?  I stayed a very safe distance away!
Zions was beautiful.  The leaves weren't changing as much as we had hoped they would be but it was well worth the trip.
On to Lehi we went to stay with our friends The McCalls.  We love to visit them, and conference was a great excuse to be able to make the trip. 

 We all had an amazing time the day we went to the Conference Center.  I feel awful because we were split from the boys most of the day and so I have no pictures of Carter!  He says he had a great time though.  He loved the Church History Museum, and the Beehive House.
 I took the girls into the Tabernacle while the boys were in the Conference Center.  I absolutely love that building!  They thought it was pretty neat too. 
 A very nice man offered to take our picture outside before we went into our session of Conference.  We had a nice walk around the building.  It is beautiful.  
The girls had the chance to see the opposers of the church too while we were walking.  Their reactions were exactly the same.  They just didn't understand why someone would want to say horrible things like that about the church.  They said it made them sad.  It made me sad too.  I hope that it strengthened them.  I hope that they will always be strong and valiant!  They are beautiful! 
And here they are!  They could not believe how big it was.  And the people!  There were so many!  We actually had some really great seats!  We were right dead center and as close as you can get without being someone super important.  We got our tickets from my brother in law whose a bishop in Arkansas (it's next to impossible to get tickets in Snowflake!)  and I guess they get good seats there!  Thanks John!
The feeling in the Conference Center is one that I wish I could feel all day every day.  It builds my testimony just being there.  The talks were all so great and uplifting.  In a world so negative it's always refreshing to hear all the positive things that are happening and to know that we can all be just as happy as we want to be.  We just have to do what's right!
I love seeing the Prophet!  I want all of my children to have the chance to see that President Monson is not just a picture on the wall or in a magazine or a man on the TV.  I want them to see him and have that sweet feeling of knowing that he really is the Prophet!  It was so sweet to see Katlyn and Melany's faces when he walked into the room.  
  Carter said that he enjoyed conference, although he was a little tired and might have fallen asleep just for a minute.....:)  He got to sit by a little girl who was experiencing her first time at Conference too.  Mike said he was a little shy!  I pray that Carter also had a spiritual experience of his own while we were there.  He is such a good boy and always wants to do what's right.  I hope that we can keep giving him opportunities like this to carry with him for the rest of his life.  He is truly an amazing person. 
Conference was a total success!


iheartmesa said...

So fun. I totally want to make this a tradition too. And maybe I'll have to take note - bug John for tickets :) We have a few years though before Lucy and Elsa turn 8.

Laura said...

Good job on all the posts! I love being able to keep up on your awesome family. You guys are really good parents!!!